*Welcome To Our New School Year 2012-2013. Our dedication, our hard work and our unremitting devotion will ensure a child's success.*

*Coming Together is a beginning.

*Growing Together is a SUCCESS!

Happy Spring!!!!!!!

Our goal is to nurture and facilitate the children's creativity. Creativity is an instinct born in each of us, which we use to comprehend and express life's experiences. It is the ability to explore and investigate. It is an expression of our uniqueness. In order to be creative, one needs experience, information and the freedom to use it.

  Our role is to provide the environment, the information, the freedom and the intellectual who is going to help each child to reach his or her fullest potential.

Our vision is to increase the child's perceptual awareness for his or her world. We provide the opportunity for each child to make the world his or her own.

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